S – Feb 16, 2019

Hi Morris ----

Just wanted to write and tell you that I think your articles/contributions are some of the very best coming from 321.

I think that even on the once-in-a-while occasion that you're off the mark , I still always learn alot from your charts.

Thanks for the great work.


SFT Sub – Nov 2, 2018

Good evening Mr. Morris, I wanted to thank you for your service. It has been a Blessing for me and my Family.

Your last video on the overall system was amazing.

I now have a better understanding of your trading system that began last December…

I will continue to follow and learn from you. I am very interested on your long term investments system. I hope to join it soon.

If you have more videos/ general information from the trading system beginning in December please send it to me, just to be more informed and educated about it.

thank you again, God bless you.

- SFT Sub, Nov 2, 2018.